Creating a New KeyControl-Managed User Account

  1. Log into the KeyControl webGUI using an account with Security Admin privileges.
  2. In the top menu bar, click Security.
  3. Click the KeyControl Managed Users tab.
  4. Select Actions > Create User.
  5. On the User tab, enter the following information. All fields on this tab are required.

  6. On the Authentication tab, select the type of authentication you want to use.

  7. When you have finished specifying the authentication method, click Next.
  8. On the Privileges and Groups tab:

    1. Check one or more of the user role check boxes to assign this user Security Admin, Domain Admin, and/or Cloud Admin privileges. Security Admins configure KeyControl and create user accounts and Cloud Admin Groups, Domain Admins manage the KeyControl servers in the cluster, and Cloud Admins manage the VMs registered with KeyControl. For a complete list of the privileges associated with each user role, see KeyControl User Accounts.

    2. If you assigned the Cloud Admin user role to this account, in the Available Groups list box, select one or more Cloud Admin Groups to which this user should belong and click the right arrow to move the selected groups to the Assigned Groups list box.

      When you add a Cloud Admin to a Cloud Admin Group, that user can see and manage all VMs registered with all of the Cloud VM Sets associated with that group. A Cloud Admin can belong to any number of Cloud Admin Groups.

    3. Click Create.
  9. When you see the User Successfully Created message, click Close or Create More Users.